Kitchen Cabinet Remodels for Weight Loss

Snack-size nuts. You know nuts are healthy—we've recommended them throughout this book. 

 Buy smaller. Larger portions lead to greater eating. When researchers sent 79 parents home with a movie, a 1- or 2-pound bag of M&Ms, and a regular or jumbo tub of popcorn

Pasta salad with corn, garbanzo beans, and plum tomatoes. You'll improve the salad's texture and flavor, and you can eat more for a few extra calories.

Caper your kitchen. Keep capers and anchovies in your cupboard to flavor various recipes without adding calories.

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Coffee with nonfat powdered milk. Skim milk provides calcium and minimal calories. Powdered milk does not dilute coffee.

 Breakfast with cereal five days a week. Cereal eaters are less likely to be fat and diabetic. They consume more vitamins, fiber, calcium, and less fat than breakfast eaters. 

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