Largest dog breeds in the world

 Irish wolfhounds are named from their history of wolf hunting, not because they resemble wolves.

 Irish wolfhound

 Mastiffs are lavishly decorated. Though they can be pricey, we're not talking fortunes.


 The world's largest dog breed, the Great Dane, is German. All full-grown Danes are above 30 inches

 Great Dane

 Borzois, or Russian wolfhounds, are the world's largest and most intriguing canines.


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 St. Bernards do resemble enormous, cuddly teddy bears. These gentle giants frequently exceed 35 inches

 St. Bernard

 The Great Pyrenees is one of the world's largest and friendliest dogs. These watchful and suspicious

 Great Pyrenees

 This large Turkish dog breed has fluffy white fur. Akbash canines are the world's largest and most muscular


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