Leo Tattoos That You Will Absolutely Love

This Line-Work Leo Tattoo

Few tattoo designs are as ubiquitous among Leos as the lion head, so get ready to see more than a few in this roundup.

This Leo Constellation Tattoo

Let’s be honest, Leos lowkey think they’re the center of the universe, so this astronaut in outer space alongside the Leo constellation makes so much sense.

This Flame Line-Art Tattoo

As a fire sign who enjoys the limelight? Yes, this prominent flame tattoo on your ribs (or, to be honest, anywhere else on your body) is very appropriate for a Leo.

This Big Floral Piece

Any Leo has ever questioned the value of having a tattoo if they weren't going to flaunt it. You already know that you thrive on attention, so a large, gorgeous flower tattoo in a prominent location would be ideal for you.

This Compass Tattoo

Everyone knows you're the pack leader, so why not immortalise it with a stylish compass tattoo

This Hand and Heart Tattoo

Though a fierce lion might be the first image that comes to mind, Leos can also be quite hospitable, passionate, and warm-hearted people.