Loving Dog Breeds for First-Time Owners 

 Poodles are fantastic pets due to their intelligence and size. If your home is small, a tiny or toy poodle will fit


 Traditional poodles make great roommates and companions, especially if you have allergies.


 Golden retrievers are popular with first-time dog owners as affectionate dogs. A golden retriever will be an adaptable,

 Golden Retriever

 While basset hounds aren't as affectionate or eager to please their owners, their low activity and temperament make

 Bassett Hound

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 A Cavalier King Charles spaniel is the perfect pet for a devoted, affectionate friend. Charles spaniels are gentle

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

 One of the most loyal and lovable species, greyhounds are noted for their quick running speeds and thin bodies.


 Dogs are loving, loyal, and lovely, and they live to please their owners. Consider these affectionate breeds for your first dog.


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