LSU's Angel Reese to visit White House with teammates 

Angel Reese, LSU women's basketball star, confirmed she will be visiting the White House with her teammates.

 Reese previously expressed that she had no intention of visiting the White House after comments made by First Lady Jill Biden.

 LSU has accepted President Joe Biden's invitation to celebrate their national championship at the White House.

 Reese, as the team captain, stated that she will do what's best for the team despite feeling hurt by the comments made.

The idea of inviting both LSU and national runner-up Iowa to the White House rankled Reese.

Reese was the most Outstanding Player of the NCAA women's basketball tournament.

The team worked hard all year for the championship, which made the comments hurtful at the time.

Reese acknowledged that the experience of visiting the White House is something the team does not want to miss out on.

Reese's coach is supportive of the team's decision to visit the White House.

 Reese's decision to join her team in the visit shows her commitment as a team player.

The White House visit is a celebratory event that recognizes the team's hard work and success.

Reese's decision to put aside her personal feelings and join the team highlights the importance of unity and teamwork.