Machine Exercises Trainers Recommend for Fast Weight Loss  

 Sled pushes—sprinting against resistance—are a butt-kicking interval workout. Unfortunately, not all gyms

 Treadmill Sled Pushes

 Rows are unsurpassed for back strength, posture, and calorie burn. Using a Smith machine is fantastic

 Smith Machine Inverted Rows

 Airdyne bikes let you push against resistance with your legs and arms. This total-body aerobic workout

 Bike Airdyne

 Another wonderful calorie-burner is the rowing machine, which works your whole body because your

 Rowing Machine

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 Cable machines may be the finest gym "machine." Unlike free weights, which are toughest in the middle

 Stool Cable Rows

 Pull-throughs strengthen glutes and hamstrings for slim legs. They teach you how to bend your hips


 Lat pulldown machines are a good alternative to bodyweight pull-ups if you don't have a band or don't want to.

 Lat pulldowns

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