Meals High in Protein That Help You Shed Pounds Fast

Salad with Chicken This traditional salad is a wonderful way to satisfy your craving for protein.

Cracked Eggs These portable egg nibbles are perfect for a quick breakfast or midmorning pick-me-up. 

 Shakshuka verdure A new take on the classic Middle Eastern cuisine, green Shakshuka is a healthy alternative. 

 Chopped Pork This traditional Southern meal is packed with protein and couldn't be simpler to prepare.

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 Breast of Chicken, Grilled The high protein content of grilled chicken breast makes it a great option for satiety and muscular repair.

This mild-tasting fish is really convenient since it contains so much protein with little effort.

Made-at-Home Yogurt Those who enjoy yogurt but want a healthier option will benefit from this dish.

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