Men's Best Equipment-Free Belly Fat Loss Exercises 

 The jumping jack is a fantastic mild plyometric exercise that warms up and burns calories.

 Jumping Jacks

 Start standing with arms by sides. Jump up and widen your legs while reaching your hands up and sideways

Jumping Jacks

 Most individuals don't consider sprinting resistance training. Sprinting stimulates muscle development


 Next in our top belly fat-loss workouts for guys is the squat. Squats are essential to your training, regardless of equipment


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 Pushups are in almost every military fitness program for a reason. Pushups work your anterior chain without equipment.


 Burpees are great for a full-body metabolic blitz without equipment. The burpee's motions strengthen your whole body


 Lunges finish this belly fat-melting circuit. In place walking or alternating lunges are possible.


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