Most Cuddly and Affectionate Dog Breeds

Yorkies—also known as Yorkshire Terriers—are the most affectionate lap dogs. Yorkie owners say they like being held all day. 

Labrador retrievers are soft, loving dogs who may walk for hours and play fetch. Labs of all colors love belly rubs and sitting on the couch

One dog owner called a toy poodle “a teddy bear come to life,” making it a superb lap dog and heeler. Their teddy bear haircuts make them sweeter and cuddlier


Due of the breed's reputation for aggressiveness, pit bull mixes are often rescued. Many pit mixes are affectionate and sweet, often wanting to be petted.

Havanese Like Star Wars' ewoks, Havanese puppies are lovable tiny long-haired dogs. This companion dog enjoys games

Blue Heelers are terrific family dogs who love to cuddle with everyone who would give them attention, despite their reputation for “latching on” to one person

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