Most Cute Dog Breeds That Will Win Your Heart

The basenji is sometimes called the "barkless dog" because they do not bark, and prefer to make an unusual yodel-like sound called a "barroo.

The puli is easily identified by its signature long coat of corded fur, giving it the appearance of the cords on a mop or even stylish dreadlocks, particularly in the common black-colored variation.

Most dogs have one reasonably uniform nose with a couple of nostrils. Then, there is a very small subset of double-nosed pointers that are sometimes called split-nose


One of the strangest-looking pups you'll ever see is the Chinese crested dog. They're small and mostly hairless, and get their name from the unique crest of fur flowing on top of their head

Only recently established as a standardized breed, the Thai ridgeback is one of only three dog breeds with a ridge of hairs running the opposite direction on its back

At first glance, the Norwegian lundehund looks like any other spitz breed from Scandinavia. Look a little closer and you'll realize that this cute little dog has six fully functional toes

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