Most Effective Cardio for Each Zodiac Sign

Cardio boxing classes like Rumble or FightCamp are perfect for Aries, a cardinal fire sign dominated by Mars, the planet of action and intensity. 

Taurus is a fixed earth sign with strong stay-at-home energy, so cancel your gym membership and practice cardio-based yoga workouts on YouTub

According to Garbis, Geminis are mutable air signs ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and transportation, therefore you're ideal for jogging. 


Cancers love the water, so join your friends for a fun game of beach volleyball. “With their cardinal water energy ruled by the moon

Rowing is an alternative to the beach. Cancers are nurturing and sensitive, so rowing may be relaxing and contemplative for you, 

Leo, join a dancing cardio class now. You like loud music and fun as a sun-ruled fire sign. A pair of headphones and a dancing workout software like The Sculpt Society can duplicate that at home

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