Most popular dog breed in the US in 2023

The American Kennel Club has put the word out: 2023′s top dog is the French bulldog, which has eased out the Labrador retriever as the United States’ favorite purebred canine

The short-faced, sturdy, compact dog is not only the most popular breed, one of its kind was also the number one show dog in the country at the Kennel Club’s events. 

Frenchies are a low-maintenance pet, as they have a short coat and don’t require a lot of grooming. They also do not shed a lot. 

The dog’s popularity is apparent in (and probably propelled in part by) the breed’s appearances with celebrities. 


However, not everyone is in favor of the rising popularity of the French bulldog. The breed falls into a category of dogs which are considered brachycephalic 

Because of these health and welfare concerns, the British Veterinary Association has encouraged people not to buy flat-faced breeds, including French bulldogs

The Netherlands announced a ban against breeding short-muzzled dogs a few years ago. Norway issued a similar prohibition but it was overturned by a court last year. 

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