Muscle Growth After Weight Loss, Fitness   

 You've probably heard that you need to "bulk up" to gain muscle, but don't consume everything.

 Slowly increase calories.

 "Don't jump from weight loss calories to eating without knowing how much," urges MacPherson.

Slowly increase calories.

 Hypertrophy training emphasizes muscular mass over strength. Instead of powerlifting or lifting high weights


 "Build muscular mass with hypertrophy training by lifting twice per body region each week and gradually adding volume


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 Protein is needed for muscular development, tissue repair, recuperation, and immune system functioning.

 Fill up on protein.

 According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, carbs fuel your exercises best. Your body won't have the energy

 High-quality carbohydrates

 A fitness expert may seem contradictory to advocate limiting cardio after so long using it to lose weight, but overdoing

 Reduce cardio

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