No-Equipment Daily Workout

 Without equipment, jumping jacks are a terrific bodyweight workout regimen to reduce weight

 Jumping Jacks

 You may manually increase workout intensity by speeding up and being deliberate with each repeat.

Jumping Jacks

 Any decent workout needs core conditioning. Planks with shoulder taps are my favorite core workout for many reasons.

 Planks with Shoulder Taps

 Squats are a great lower-body workout you can do anywhere without equipment. If done intensely, squat


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 Pushups improve shoulders, chest, core, and arms. As part of a circuit exercise, they stimulate metabolism to keep you burning


 Equipment-free lunges are another lower-body workout. I suggest alternate lunges during this circuit.


 Burpees are the workout I detest yet adore. Burpees are a full-body power action with explosive


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