Not Always Visible Sign of Wealth

It is easy to know when someone is rich. However, sometimes it is not obvious. One Reddit user wanted to know what non-obvious signs pointed out that someone was rich.

One user spoke from experience, saying, “In my experience as a waiter in a fine dining establishment, they treat you like a normal human.”

Another user says that although they never flinch when a bill comes, they do not talk about money, “Most of the time, they will stay quiet about money, but never balk when presented with a bill


They have expensive hobbies and do not seem to worry about the cost; as another person points out, “Casually having expensive hobbies. Stuff like sailing, skiing, and golfing.

You cannot find them online, “They have no digital footprint. They actually pay people to keep information about them off the internet and out of any publications. They will keep a low profile

A user says that since many rich people own multiple homes, they do not need to carry luggage, “So many wealthy people have multiple homes with separate wardrobes at each.

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