Only 8 Exercises to Lose 20 Pounds

 The barbell back squat is considered the "king" (or queen!) of exercises due to its full-body nature.

 Barbell Back Squats

 Walking lunges work the quadriceps, glutes, and hamstrings well. This workout incorporates the calves

 Walking Lunges

 If you wish to shed 20 pounds, use your body weight. Pull-ups work the lats, biceps, triceps

 Reverse Grip Pull-ups

 The deadlift is another basic complex exercise that works the hamstrings and glutes.


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 The pectoral and triceps-focused bench press is a great upper-body workout. It involves the deltoids,

 Bench Presses

 Bent-over rows are great lat and rhomboidal pulling exercises. They activate biceps, traps, and lower back muscles.

 Bent-Over Rows

 A terrific shoulder workout for deltoids is the overhead press. It works core, triceps, and upper pectorals.

 Overhead Presses

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