People who are married discuss the reasons why they have ceased having sexual relations altogether.

As soon as the novelty of being married wears off, newlyweds are involuntarily thrown back into the swing of things. When people are preoccupied with getting things done, sex often takes a back seat.

Many couples stop having sex after marriage for various reasons. The intimacy between them has altered considerably. We introduce 6 people who explain why they stopped having sex with their husbands.

I sometimes think my wife no longer likes me. A medical problem has caused me to gain weight constantly for a year. My wife seldom sees me now since I can't do anything about it.”

We stopped having sex after our daughter was born. We rarely slept and were exhausted from infant care. We ultimately lost the spark. Our love is deep, yet the lack of sex is disturbing.”

“My wife had uterine surgery in our second year of marriage, and her medications were slowly affecting her sexual desire. Indeed, many. She no longer wanted intimacy with me. It has killed me since.”

“My husband only used sex to cover up his lies or make up after fights. He constantly used this tactic since he knew I'd comply. This saddens me since I thought he loved sex with me because I was pretty. It crushes my heart that he did it to avoid battles soon. Well, no more.”

My wife is lovely but too cold. I'm annoyed that she doesn't like sex as much as I do. I tried to talk to her about this, but she got defensive and hurt. I stopped having sex with her. Instead, I masturbated.”

I no longer love my hubby. I'm over him, but I can't picture divorce. His character and fatherhood are excellent. Just quit having sex with him. I find it crazy to sex someone I no longer love. He doesn't object. His schedule is too full.”

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