Physicians Wish You Knew About Weight Loss 

 Low carbohydrates are not the same as low calories. Due to sugar consumption, eating too much simple carbs

 Cut Carbs, Not Calories

 Skipping meals might make weight loss tougher since it raises appetite and causes overeating.

 Eat Regularly

 Weight reduction requires fiber, which enhances satiety and keeps you full. Choose fruits, vegetables

 Consume More Fiber

 Drinking water before meals increases digesting calories and reduces appetite between meals

 drink water

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 Because it takes longer to digest than other macronutrients, protein provides energy and fills you up

 Protein in Every Meal

 Eating thoughtfully implies paying attention to your food intake without distraction.

 Mindfully Eat

 Progress tracking helps you motivate yourself by showing your progress. Keep track of your calories

 Track Your Progress

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