Powerlifter Workout: 5 Killer Exercises for Powerlifting

Barbell squat Powerlifters prioritize the barbell squat. It's a basic powerlifter program and the king of all lifts for good reason.

My weight fluctuates seldom, but when I found myself 30 pounds higher than usual, I realized I had to do something.

Leg press Powerlifters should use leg press to isolate leg muscles. The leg press strengthens quadriceps and glutes. It strengthens hips and lower back.

The Bulgarian split squat is a superb unilateral powerlifting exercise on one leg. Regularly doing this workout balances muscle and strength development.

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Benchpress Powerlifting's three main lifts include the bench press. This powerlifter mainstay demands upper body strength.

These workouts will likely remain in your powerlifting training for years. Avoid injuries by watching your posture and moving slowly.

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