RDs recommend sneaking protein into breakfast

You may want to increase your protein consumption if you just started the keto diet, are attempting to grow muscle, or have trouble staying full after meals. Best starting point? At breakfast. 

For extra protein, Danone North America Director of Health & Scientific Affairs Amanda Blechman, RD, whisks cow's or unsweetened soy milk into eggs before scrambling them. Blechman argues this extra step also fluffs a scramble.

Hilary Walentuck, RD at New England Dairy, recommends adding Greek yogurt or cottage cheese to pancake batter to supercharge breakfast. 

Davis suggests adding almond or peanut butter to a smoothie or cereal. For a higher-protein toast, use it for butter.

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Greek yogurt adds protein to hot or cold overnight oats. Blechman believes this makes oats more filling and sour.

Walentuck suggests cooking oats with milk instead of water. Soy milk is the highest-protein vegan or lactose-free milk.

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