Seven of the Most Trustworthy Dogs

Working Dog Lovers Will Find an Aussie a Devoted Companion Australian shepherds aren't the most laid-back canines, but they make great partners for individuals who need a workhorse. 

Rhodesian Ridgebacks Devote Their Time and Follow Commands Rhodesian Ridgebacks are friendly and calm domestic pets, yet they are weak and vulnerable in the wild.

Samoyeds are devoted team players. There's a good reason why these fluffy white balls of joy are always grinning. 

The loyalty of Welsh Springer Spaniels is unmatched. The Welsh Springer Spaniel, one of Britain's first sporting breeds, has success in every environment because to its waterproof coat. 

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Labrador retrievers are energetic, loving companion animals. Labrador retrievers are widely known for their outgoing and sociable personalities. 

Shiba Inus Will Protect You Without Fail Shibas are a relatively new arrival to the United States.

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