Six Signs That Can Expect a Radical Shift in 2023's Venus Retrograde

Aries  When Venus is retrograde, it causes a shift in romantic priorities. Knowing what you want out of relationships can give you a sense of freedom and openness to new experiences.

Taurus  This energy can feel chaotic if you're a Fixed sign because it feels like your bonds with others will be put to the test

Taurus  Due to Jupiter's influence, single Taureans will be more receptive to dating and meeting new people while this planet is in their sign.

Leo  When Venus retrograde occurs in your sign, you should expect to be the center of attention

 Leo  You can revisit the lessons you learned while Saturn was in Aquarius. 

Scorpio Some of you may recall the effects of Venus's retrograde in your sign last year. Now that Venus Retrograde is occurring at the top of your horoscope, 

If you're a Sagittarius, you're in for a thrilling time because of Venus Retrograde. There's a need to grow and you can feel more in tune with your desires. 

Aquarius  Venus retrograde in Leo is a pivotal transit for your love life. Changing and letting go may come easily for you now.

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