Slim Down After 60 With These Tips

 Everyone knows staying hydrated is important, but drinking extra water can help you lose weight and change beyond 60.

 Drink extra water.

 A Frontiers in Nutrition mini-review found that drinking more water lowered obesity and type 2 diabetes risk factors

Drink extra water.

 One of the most effective ways to lose weight at any age is to avoid ultra-processed meals

 Avoid highly processed

 A Cell Metabolism research found that ultra-processed food eaters gained weight and consumed 500 more calories per day

Avoid highly processed

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 "You deserve good ingredients at 60. Garcia thinks 60 is the perfect time to eat the best.

  Eat diverse veggies.

 Weight reduction benefits from protein since it enhances satiety and reduces calorie consumption

  plant-based protein.

 Many believe carbs hinder weight reduction. Low-quality refined carbohydrates in processed meals cause weight gain

 whole wheat and fiber.

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