Small but Effective Sleeping Fat Loss Methods  

 Fast till breakfast after having your last meal a few hours before bed. Better still, wait until noon. T

 Try intermittent fasting

 This can help your body burn fat instead of glucose for energy at night, according to a 2021 Nutrients review.

Try intermittent fasting

 The National Institutes of Health says sleeping in a chilly room boosts metabolism and activates brown fat,

 Maintain a cool room

 "When we sleep in a cool environment, our body works harder to maintain its core temperature, which can burn more calories

 Maintain a cool room

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 Strength training boosts metabolism, says the Mayo Clinic. This implies lifting weights can burn calories

 strength workout

 The cold water shock can also boost your metabolism and burn more calories throughout the day.

  Take cold showers.

 Eating a meal before bed stores excess calories as fat rather than burning them for energy,

 Avoid eating

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