Smartest Dog Breeds by Science 

 Herding cattle requires a lot of brainpower from the Australian Cattle Dog. Australian Cattle Dog owners know this breed is easy

 Australian Cattle

 Rottweilers are formidable guard dogs but also loyal, energetic, and clever. Since this breed needs an outlet for their unendin


 Due of their intellect, Renaissance Italian aristocracy loved the Papillon. When fully mature, papillons weigh less than 10 pounds


 A silly smile like that might not put the lab on our list, but they're smarter than most people realize.

 Labrador Retriever

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 The athletic and clever Shetland Sheepdog dominates dog sports. Shelties are one of the most successful agility breeds


 Due to their athletic endurance and fast learning, many police K9 units utilize Dobermans.

 Doberman Pinscher

 We know Golden Retrievers are friendly, but they rank 4th in canine intellect. It's hardly unexpected given this breed is utilized

 Golden Retriever

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