Snacks That Guarantee A Bigger Waistline

Donuts Donuts are unhealthy, but they're especially harmful for your weight. Due to their high sugar content and frying, they pose health hazards.

 They are also covered in sweet and fatty toppings like glazes, sprinkles, chocolate chips, etc. 

Instead of a doughnut, try a naturally sweetened smoothie. "A healthy alternative could be a homemade protein-packed smoothie

Chips We've all been tempted by chips. While some potato chips are nutritious, most are highly processed and bad for weight loss. .

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They're heavy in sodium, which has implications. Dr. Perez warns that too much salt "can lead to bloating and water retention," which is bad for jean size reduction.

There's a solution. Roasted chickpeas are healthier. "They have a similar crunch, but they're packed with fiber and protein

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