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Best Sneakers for Each Zodiac Sign


Dependable Aries are like the Nike Air Force 1 Shadow Triple White, a TSS team favorite sneaker silhouette due to its reliability. 


As a nod to Taurus the bull, we feature the Off-White x Jordan 1 Chicago, inspired by MJ's team colors. 


Mismatched sneakers like the Jordan 1 Low Magenta suit Geminis who can't choose between green and purple or pink and orange.


Cancers are hopeless romantics in it for the long haul, and the Nike Air Max 90 Valentine's Day suits them. 


Fiesty Leos have a "boss" attitude akin to the Travis Scott x Jordan 1 High Mocha.  The innovative shoe, complete with backwards Swoosh, is like Leos: strong leaders who don't follow the crowd.


For practical Virgos who won't compromise on comfort, the Nike Air Force 1 Gore-Tex is the perfect shoe. 

Libras are world-famous for their people-pleasing personalities, and the Converse x CDG Play sneaker is just like them and loved by everybody!



Scorpios need a red-hot shoe to match their fiery temper. The chunky Nike Dunk Low Disrupt is solid with siren-red overlays.  It stomps through every occasion like Scorpios who only settle for 100%.

Sagittarius always brings good luck. They'll even help you cop the hottest releases on SNKRS. 


Capricorns are ballers who love to save money.  They're likely to have the Dior x Jordan 1 High in their collection, thanks to their knack for money-making.


Aquarians are sustainability champs, often seen rocking Nike's Space Hippies, made from recycled materials as part of Nike's Move to Zero campaign.


For the Pisces water-sign who are the H2O fans amongst us, the Yeezy QNTM Sea Teal is a perfect fit.  It matches the laid back water-lover vibe.