Stop Buying This Processed Breakfast Food Now

Your blood contains cholesterol, which promotes cell growth. However, too much waxy material in the bloodstream can impair blood pumping. Cardiovascular disease is intimately connected to high cholesterol.

Avoid processed meat like pork and bacon

Due to its saturated fat level, pork is a frequent breakfast item that can damage your heart. "Pork is loaded with saturated fat—leading to cardiovascular problems, high cholesterol, weight gain, and more," says New York Center for Innovative Medicine nurse practitioner Caitlin Policastro.

Pork consumption is important, especially if you are at risk owing to genetics or pre-existing diseases, because weight gain and excessive cholesterol can raise the risk of heart disease.

Scrambles, omelets, and breakfast sandwiches typically feature pork sausage. Pre-packaged breakfasts, especially frozen breakfast sandwiches or bowls, may contain saturated fats, preservatives, and sugars that Dr. Bargout and Policastro advise against. 

Bacon is another key offender. Registered dietitian Catherine Gervacio, nutrition writer for Living.Fit, says this processed meat is "actually considered fat due to the ratio of fat to the actual meat," with 10.4g of fat and 3.84g of protein per slice. 

"Tofu bacon or plant-based bacon is a healthy alternative since it has no cholesterol and tastes like bacon," she advises.

Instead of giving up your favorite breakfast dishes, try preparing your own sandwiches using turkey sausage. Healthy people should choose lean proteins whenever possible.

A nutritious diet is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. Avoiding processed breakfast items and reading ingredient labels is also important. Avoid saturated fat, especially pork, if you're watching your heart.

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