strategies to improve your sleep better

Light can sneak in through windows and doors even if your bedroom is completely dark. Get a good quality sleep mask that will keep your eyes covered while you snooze

Turning the thermostat down a few degrees can make your bedroom more pleasant and conducive to sleep because that is the temperature at which most people sleep soundly. 

Blackout curtains can make all the difference if you're constantly being woken up by lights inside or outside your home, as dark rooms have been shown to improve sleep quality.

Light sleepers can benefit from sleeping with earplugs to shut out a snoring partner or a raucous party next door.

If earplugs don't work, a white noise machine can relax and suppress ambient sounds

Nowadays, everyone is on their phones 24/7, which might affect sleep. Buy an old-fashioned alarm clock and charge your phone in another room. You may sleep better. 

Evening exercise, whether it's a walk or a gym workout, can help you go asleep. 

We adore our pets, but science shows they can disrupt sleep. If you can't get rid of Fido, buy a little pet bed to keep him from waking you up at night. 

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