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Best Tattoos for Each Zodiac Sign


Aries zodiac can get a Mars line art tattoo or fiery solid-colored designs in red shades. Simple yet creative options for the adventurous.


Taurus glyph is an ideal finger or behind-the-ear tattoo. Its simplicity makes it easy to ink and keeps it discreet while retaining its meaning.


Gemini's flower is lavender, which makes a beautiful tattoo. The delicate purple plant represents the duality of the Gemini sign.


As a Cancer, you're lucky that the moon is your celestial body! A minimalist crescent moon tattoo is perfect for representing your sign, on your body.


The sun is a symbol for this zodiac, and a tattoo featuring delicate sun rays is a great choice. It represents warmth, strength, and vitality.


Virgo, the goddess of wheat, can be represented with a wheat tattoo that's rustic and nature-loving. The thin and delicate design is perfect for Virgos.

A rose tattoo is perfect for Libra, symbolizing balance and beauty. A design that showcases the stem adds delicacy and elegance to the tattoo.



Scorpios love creepy crawlies, consider a scorpion tattoo! Keep it chic and minimal with a purely outlined design that captures its essence.

An arrow symbolizes knowledge and determination, making it a perfect tattoo for showing off your astrological sign or displaying your direction in life.


Saturn makes a pretty tattoo, especially as a simple outline, which is why it's popular among girls. It looks gorgeous regardless of your zodiac sign.


Aquarius is represented by the orchid, which makes a sophisticated and beautiful tattoo. Delicately drawn, the flower looks stunning on skin.


The mirrored Pisces fish is an iconic and versatile tattoo choice. A basic or geometric design works, as well as a fluid, watercolor-like design.