Longest To Realize They're In The Wrong Relationship

Aries obstinate. Because they don't want to recognize their error, they may take a long time to understand they're in the incorrect relationship

Aries  They may take a bit to realize they're with the incorrect individual, but they'll go instantly. They won't delay.

Cancers are self-critical, so when relationships fail, they blame themselves. Despite their partner's guilt, they'll blame themselves.

Cancer are too frightened about their spouse leaving to consider whether they should leave or whether they're getting what they deserve.

Libras see good in everyone. They'll forgive a cruel attacker. They truly believe individuals can change

 Libra believe the other person's apology and agree not to repeat it. It takes time to realize this individual isn't kind.

Capricorns are picky about who they hang out with and take a while to warm up. They feel accomplished after they commit to someone they think is worth the bother.

Walking away from someone they're dating, even when they understand they're wrong, is hard for them because they're so loyal and rarely trust anyone.

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