Ten Telltale Indications Your Spouse Doesn't Care About You

Your lover gaslights you? Are they dismissive or accusing you of overreacting? 

They don't respect you or your voice if they talk over you, interrupt you, don't listen  or reject anything you say.

Your partner may not value you if they are emotionally distant, dismissive, or avoid talking about your feelings.

Does your lover ask you for stuff but never repay you? Are they sloppy? Do they struggle to meet your halfway?

To avoid overwhelming you, if you answered "yes" to any of those questions, your partner may not appreciate you or the relationship.

Your partner doesn't value you if they don't support your life, objectives, and dreams.

 They shouldn't discourage you from pursuing anything because it's unlikely or difficult. They must encourage.

They should inquire, “Did you talk to your boss about that promotion you’ve been wanting?” 

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