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The 11 Worst Jobs In America Acc. to American Experts 


In this web story, we will delve into the 11 worst jobs you can find in America. These professions come with various challenges, making them unsuitable for many individuals seeking job satisfaction and a good work-life balance.


Being a logger is physically demanding and dangerous, with a high risk of injuries and fatalities. Long hours and exposure to extreme weather conditions add to the hardships of this profession.


Fishermen face treacherous seas, unpredictable weather, and isolation from their families for extended periods. The job's physically demanding nature and low pay contribute to its unfavorable ranking.

Oil Rig Worker

Working on an oil rig involves long shifts, isolation from civilization, and exposure to hazardous materials. The potential for accidents and the environmental impact of oil drilling make it a challenging occupation.

Enlisted Military Personnel

While serving in the military is honorable, it comes with significant sacrifices. Low pay, deployment to dangerous zones, and emotional stress make it a tough career choice.


Similar to loggers, lumberjacks endure grueling physical labor, dangerous conditions, and remote work environments, which adversely affect their quality of life.

Newspaper Reporter

The decline of the newspaper industry has led to job insecurity and long working hours for reporters. The pressure to meet deadlines and report in challenging situations adds to the stress.

Retail Salesperson

Retail salespeople often work irregular hours, deal with demanding customers, and receive low pay, making it a challenging job with limited growth opportunities.

Taxi Driver

With the rise of ridesharing apps, taxi drivers face stiff competition and declining income. Long hours spent in traffic and safety concerns contribute to the dissatisfaction in this profession.

Dairy Farmer

Dairy farming involves physically demanding work, early morning starts, and financial uncertainty due to market fluctuations, making it a tough occupation.

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