The 4 Zodiacs Who Stay Calm

ARIES Aries is the reliable soldier, emergency responder, and parent who always takes charge.

Due to their constant exposure to harsh events and learning from them, they play every character perfectly and have developed bravery. 

LIBRA Libra knows all feelings pass. Stressed nerves will fade. Fear subsided. Danger fades. The worst never lasts. When in a pinch, they tell themselves that any modifications or responses


 Everything never looks entirely wrecked or upended. Libras view negativity as a transitory obstacle

SAGITTARIUS Sagittarius is known for their calmness since they always have a joke. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff

 No problem is worth worrying about until it happens. This is Sagittarius' emotional energy-saving secret. They avoid getting upset over nothing. Worrying about disaster until it happens is pointless. 

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