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The Best Apps and Websites for Lost Pets in 2023

"My Tamagotchi Forever" is a free virtual pet app that lets you take care of your Tamagotchi, play with it, and customize its house.

Find Shadow 

Award-winning org reunites lost pets with owners within 24 hours, using tech and methods.


MAR helps reunite lost pets with families, educates on loss prevention & animal behavior. Offers critical info on luring strays safely.

Missing Animal Response Network 

LDOA reunites lost dogs with owners via volunteers, focuses on reducing shelter strays.

Lost Dogs of America 

Website has pet lost/found database & social media network for alerts. Location-based notifications cater to owner needs.

Helping Lost Pets 

Hellopet is a unique virtual pet game where your pet interacts with you on the screen, appearing randomly while you use your phone.


Free pet app monitors pet health/activity with GPS. Track location, temp, weight, pulse & set safe zones with text alerts.

 Whistle Legacy 

Free pet app alerts lost/found pets, enables owner networking, and raises safety awareness in local community.


App uses facial recognition to match photos of lost & found pets, reuniting them with owners. Revolutionary technology gaining recognition.

Finding Rover

monitors/cameras help owners watch pets remotely, communicate with them & act quickly in case of emergency, ensuring their safety.

 Dog monitor and pet cam