The Best US Roadside Restaurants

, freshly boiled pots of crawfish are the house specialty at Hawk's. Located at a remote location along Hawk's Road in Rayne, Louisiana

Hawk's restaurant was founded in 1983 and is now considered one of the legendary restaurants in the area. The owners use a special purging method, resulting in clean

Eischen's is a time-honored establishment that started off in 1896 as a local pub that served the loyal clientele all the way up to Prohibition. It was reopened after the liquor ban


It is easy to guess the specialty at this legendary Maryland location. Chaps Pit Beef is a go-to place for the classic pit beef sandwich that holds thin strips of charcoal-grilled

Julia Belle's is a classic Southern restaurant where you would go to get fresh home-style cooking, all tweaked with that traditional Southern flare. Before the current location on Highway 52

Whistle Stop Café Georgia has a cult status among other roadside restaurants in the U.S. The story of how it came to be is quite unique and does not follow the typical pattern.

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