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The Best Workout for Your Zodiac Sign

For Aries, it's all about pushing yourself to do something new and putting your abilities to the test.  A competitive activity is your finest workout, according to astrologer Noelle Vincent.


You seek comfort and new, sensual experiences because Venus is your ruling planet, so indulge in the finest chocolate or wine while wearing your cosiest sweats.


Tennis doesn't just need you to cooperate with (or compete against) a partner; its lightning-fast pace matches your witty mind.


Yoga teaches your brain to let go of things while also allowing you to truly experience every movement, which is exactly what your sensitive nature craves.


You can succeed in any type of movement class as long as it has a pulsing playlist and enough of enthusiasm.


"Virgo needs a sport that not only requires physical exertion but also involves cerebral acuity in its activities," says William.


"Libras excel at working together," asserts Williams. The demand for Libras to connect and relate to others in a bonded way is satisfied by team sports.


Let's face it, Scorpios may be a little intense at times. Because of this, we require activities that push us to the limit, and boxing accomplishes just that.


Go ahead and venture off the beaten road; you're the kind of person whose ideal vacation doesn't look all that dissimilar from Cheryl Strayed's journey in Wild.


Your spirit of competition and tenacity will propel you to the top. Long-distance running and rock climbing can fulfil the urge for fulfilment in this sign.


"Cycling gives the Aquarius the flexibility to decide where they want to travel and how far they want to ride at any time".


The Pisces sign combines all the other signs into one, and Williams claims that because of this, the Pisces can occasionally lose touch with reality due to its wish to see Utopia on Earth.