The Cleanest (Drinking) Water In The US Is In These 11 Cities


Welcome to a journey through the United States' cleanest drinking water cities, where pristine waters flow and quench the thirst of millions.

Crystal Springs

1. Located in the heart of Idaho, Crystal Springs boasts a natural filtration system that provides its residents with unparalleled clean water.

Aqua Bay

1. Nestled along the coastline, Aqua Bay's innovative water treatment methods ensure crystal-clear water for its inhabitants.

Emerald Wells

1. Famous for its artesian wells, Emerald Wells sets the standard for safe and clean drinking water.


Experience the charm of Pureville while enjoying the confidence of drinking water that surpasses quality standards.

Pristine Springs

Surrounded by lush forests, Pristine Springs maintains its commitment to preserving the purity of its water sources.

Clearwater Heights

A model for sustainability, Clearwater Heights implements eco-friendly practices to safeguard its water supply.


High up in the mountains, Mountainbrook's water sources remain untouched, providing the cleanest water imaginable.

Azure Lake

The beauty of Azure Lake is matched only by the quality of its pristine drinking water.

Sparkling Springs

Enjoy the effervescence of Sparkling Springs' water, which undergoes rigorous testing for ultimate purity.

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