The greatest Mediterranean lunches

Make a tasty tuna sandwich For a quick Mediterranean lunch, try a tuna sandwich with Greek yogurt instead of mayo. 

Spice up a chicken pita with fresh herbs Nelson suggested a whole-wheat pita with veggies and garlic-rosemary chicken breast for a substantial meal.

A light plant-based lunch is apples and almond butter Moore advised apples and nut butter on days when a substantial meal doesn't seem tempting.

Make a snack board for a varied lunch Lunchtime snack boards are exciting since they include numerous tastes and minerals. 

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Niçoise salad to acquire protein and veggies. French niçoise salad has boiled eggs, tomatoes, olives, and tuna or anchovies. 

Roast chickpeas for a crispy, flavorful dinner Garbanzo beans—chickpeas—are a Mediterranean diet staple.

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