The lucky zodiac signs for 2023 from best to worst

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SAGITTARIUS Jupiter's influence empowers Sagittarians to pursue their desires fearlessly. This year, embrace adventure and travel to fulfill your dreams

 LIBRA  Libras, one of the luckiest zodiac signs this year, are expected to sail through any  significant hurdles and emerge unscathed.

 LEO  Leos create what they lack, thrive on challenges, and won't let planetary bad luck hold them back from achieving their goals with pure moxie.

 TAURUS  This year, Taureans' love for financial pleasures and luxury will be fulfilled. Despite love misfortunes, they'll find success in their professional lives.

PISCES  Pisces' calm demeanor helps weather storms and find silver linings despite a tough start to the year.

 ARIES   Aries won't let planetary movements hold them back! This year, take risks and pursue your passions with Jupiter's positive energy on your side.

AQUARIUS  2023 may be mixed for introspective signs, but their philosophical outlook ensures they'll overcome challenges and focus on a hopeful future.

VIRGO  Virgo's tenacity serves them well in 2023, as they refuse to accept anything less than the best and don't give up hope when things get tough.

 GEMINI Gemini may be inclined to take a big swing in their career, but with uncertainty ahead, it's best to keep a steady pace rather than risk it all.

 CAPRICORN  For Capricorn, the year may bring some challenges, and luck may not always be on their side. 

 CANCER  This year may not bring much luck to you, but your self-reliant and skeptical personality teaches you not to rely on others.

 SCORPIO You're done with being on edge and waiting for the other shoe to drop. Inhale, exhale. Even the worst of days have just 24 hours.