The Most Effective Salad Dressings for Slimming Down

Salad is a terrific way to get in more vegetables, of which most Americans consume far too little. 

Vegetables are an excellent source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Salad as a meal starter can help you feel full on less calories, which can aid in weight reduction.

 One serving of some dressings contains as much as two tablespoons of sugar. I'd rather have sugar in a sweet treat like a brownie or ice cream than in a healthy salad. 

 If you eat too much sugar (find out what happens to your body when you eat sugar), you may experience weight gain, insulin resistance, and cardiovascular disease.

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The temptation to cut calories wherever possible when dieting is real. But you won't get full off of a bowl of lettuce. 

 Find a dressing with a reduced sugar content or prepare your own healthy dressing by reading labels.

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