The Most Notable (And Tasty) Dessert in Each State 

The nation's most famous sweets and their origins are revealed. 

Lane cakes, a prize-winning Alabama invention, are sponge cakes with a bourbon-soaked pecan, raisins, and coconut filling and iced on top or sides.  

Emma Rylander Lane, who won the first prize at a village fair, devised the recipe, 

which calls for baking the layers in pie tins rather than cake pans and leaving it unfrosted for a week to enable the sponge soak up the flavors.  

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Though not invented in Alaska, baked Alaska was initially served as a tribute to the state. 

The dish resembles Mount Denali (previously Mount McKinley) with its white meringue and four layers of ice cream and sponge. 

The cuisine popular in Arizona is Navajo, despite its South American name. 

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