The Rudest 11 Things to Ask Guests to Bring Etiquette Experts Say

Cash or Gifts

While it's common for guests to bring a gift, explicitly asking for cash or specific presents is considered impolite. Let your guests decide what they want to bring, if anything.

Expensive Food or Drinks

Requesting expensive dishes or drinks from your guests can make them feel uncomfortable or burdened. Keep the menu affordable and enjoyable for everyone.

Plus Ones

It's nice to welcome a plus one, but demanding that your guests bring a date can be intrusive. Respect their choice to attend solo.

Specific Attire

Telling your guests what to wear, especially if it involves costly or themed clothing, is a no-go. Let them dress according to their own style and comfort.

Cleaning or Chores

Your guests are there to enjoy the event, not to work for you. Asking them to help with cleaning or chores is not considerate.

Personal Items

Avoid asking guests to bring personal items like towels, blankets, or toiletries. Provide these essentials yourself.

Specialty Cookware

Don't expect your guests to bring their own cookware or kitchen tools. Prepare everything you need in your own kitchen.

Party Decorations

As the host, it's your responsibility to decorate the venue. Asking guests to bring decorations is inappropriate.

Expensive Party Favors

While party favors are a nice gesture, requesting expensive ones is tacky. Keep it simple and thoughtful.


It's thoughtful to offer drinks, but don't demand that guests bring their own alcohol. Provide a variety of beverages yourself.

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