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The Rudest Things to Ask Guests to Bring Etiquette Experts Say


As a host, it's essential to make your guests feel welcome and comfortable during gatherings and events. While it's common for hosts to request guests to contribute to the occasion, there are some requests that may be considered impolite or even offensive.

Cash or Monetary Contributions

While it's acceptable to suggest a potluck-style gathering where guests can bring their favorite dishes, requesting cash or monetary contributions from your guests is generally considered inappropriate.

Specific Expensive Gifts

Asking guests to bring specific expensive gifts, especially for occasions like birthdays or weddings, can be seen as presumptuous and demanding. It's essential to remember that gifts are voluntary expressions of goodwill

Alcohol or Beverages

While it's thoughtful to provide beverages for your guests, asking them to bring their own alcohol or drinks can come across as rude and inconsiderate. It may imply that you are unwilling to invest in the enjoyment of your guests.

Disposable Dinnerware and Cutlery

Asking guests to bring their own disposable dinnerware and cutlery can be interpreted as a lack of effort in hosting a gathering. It may suggest that you expect guests to manage the cleanup themselves, which can be off-putting.

Assigned Chores or Tasks

While some guests may offer to help with tasks during a gathering, it's impolite to assign chores or tasks to your guests as a condition of attending the event. It undermines the spirit of the gathering and may make guests feel like they are there to work rather than enjoy the occasion.


By understanding the boundaries of polite requests, you can be a gracious host and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for your guests. Prioritize their comfort and avoid imposing burdensome requests. Remember, thoughtful hosting fosters a memorable experience for all.

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