The Urgent Message Every Sign of the Zodiac Wants to Send

ARIES: “Sorry. You're right, I'm wrong.” Aries, your strength, charisma, and bravery are admirable.

TAURUS: “This isn’t working.” Staying in an unsustainable situation is scarier than changing.

Gemini: “You’re really boring.” You just like them because they love you. You have nothing in common, which isn't always bad, but they don't interest you. 

CANCER: “A fool?” Cancer, you’re no sentimental fool. You may have a golden heart, but you won't submit to exploitation.

LEO: “You dim my light.”

VIRGO: “Help me.”  You never show others your struggles. You struggle to ask for aid. You're always others' rock. 

LIBRA: “I won’t fight for your attention.” You're gorgeous! Your inner beauty shines through your intrinsic sexiness

SCORPIO: “I don’t want us to see others.” Scorpio, this matters. You fall in love slowly. 

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