The world's smartest dogs

Dahlatians, the only spotted dog breed, have traditionally worked with horses and are often connected with firemen.

Norwichs are happiest when given a task to do, like entering a flyball or earthdog tournament that uses their energy.

Clumber spaniels are hunting dogs at heart, and their stealthy prey tracking skills help them. These pups are also great swimmers.

Malta's national dog is the pharaoh hound. They're known for rabbit-hunting and are happiest when they can employ their excellent senses of sight, scent, and sound.

You probably know that English setters are great at finding prey, especially birds.

Due to their majestic appearance and vitality, miniature pinscher dogs are called the "king of toys".

Silky terriers are popular show dogs for more than simply their beauty.

Affenpinschers, formerly working dogs, became popular with wealthy 18th-century women seeking companion dogs.

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