Their Best Workout Habits

 Bre, a women's keto coach (@ketocoachbre on TikTok), shares her two-year weight loss experience post-pregnancy.

 ideal workouts

 "Whether the workout is best for your body because you like it most so you'll do it, or because it burns

ideal workouts

 A fit, muscular lady carrying weights at the gym, notion of upper-body strength workouts as you age.

 Strength workout

 “Aside from burning calories and getting in shape from walking, the incline makes this workout much more

 treadmill exercise.

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 Now is the moment to increase your cardio! In this video, TikTok user @seanmapp explains how increasing his exercise

 Increase cardio.

 Doing exercise regularly burns calories and speeds up the body. The good news is that doing more of your

Increase cardio.

 The good news is that doing more of your preferred aerobic workout burns more fat."

 Increase cardio.

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