These 10 Jobs Are Disappearing the Fastest in 2023 Ranked


Automation takes over cash handling, bidding farewell to traditional cashiers.


Robocalls and AI communication spell the end of traditional telemarketing.

Data Entry Clerks

Advanced algorithms streamline data entry, impacting clerical roles.

Travel Agents

Online booking platforms replace the need for intermediary travel agents.

Print Journalists

Digital media dominance redefines the landscape for print journalism.

Farmers (Non-Automated)

Automated farming techniques lead to a decline in traditional farming jobs.

Toll Booth Operators

Electronic toll collection systems diminish the demand for toll booth operators.


Digital libraries and e-books challenge the conventional role of librarians.

Assembly Line Workers

Rapid advancements in robotics reduce the need for manual assembly line work.

Mail Carriers

E-commerce alters mail delivery, impacting traditional mail carrier roles.

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