These three signs are the coldest in the zodiac.

Scorpios  Scorpios, despite their negative stereotype, are really quite hip and entertaining. The sensuality of the water sign is matched by its analytical mentality, strong work ethic, and boundless creativity.


Scorpios   They gossip about you behind your back because other signs are envious, but the fact is that you are the finest. But you know how to keep it to yourself since you are mysterious and secretive.


Leo One of the most desirable star signs is Leo. Bright, elegant, and hilarious — it has it all! Despite their occasionally inflated sense of self-importance, 


Leo those drawn to the fire sign are captivated by their individuality and sense of class.  

Leo The Leo female in particular has a flair for the dramatic and might have easily found success in the entertainment industry as an actress or singer. Don't give up or alter your approach, Leo.

Virgo Sweet and absolutely bonkers, Virgos are a source of contagious coolness. There's little doubt that the world would be a better place if more people were like you.


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Virgo There wouldn't be any more fighting, and life would be good for everyone. The world isn't perfect since it's impossible for everyone to be born a virgin.

Virgo But that's good because you never stop dreaming and working for a better world, no matter how difficult things become. We appreciate you, Virgo buddy, for being you.