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Things you should know to improve your work performance

Better to give your full attention to1 task before moving to next, you will finish both tasks faster with fewer errors as compared with multitasking.

Focus on one task at a time

It is easier to stay on top of your tasks and find the things you need to do your job when you’re organized.

Become more organized

Limit distractions with few steps: 1. work in a quiet space & turn off phones/keep away from workplace. 2. In WFH, establishing a dedicated place to work.

Limit distractions

Communication is essential for overall performance & success. Improving your communication can help eliminate confusion, error & improve productivity.

Improve communication skills

It is something you’ll have to work toward, and challenges you to do something you may not otherwise be able to complete

Set stretch goals

If you use an hourly planner, You can then see if you have more tasks to complete than time in a day and arrange your schedule accordingly.

Use an hourly planner

Develop the habit of arriving at work 15 to 20 minutes early. This extra time can help you to relax and prepare for the day to work effectively. 

Show up early

To foster more engagement and energy toward your work while improving your performance, set your own productivity challenges.

Set productivity challenges

Online productivity tools can help you keep track of all your tasks and make progress toward bigger goals.

Use online productivity tools

Consider the people in a similar role/workplace who are constantly getting praise. Observe their strategies and work to improve your own performance.

Learn more about top performers

Feedback on your performance is useful to identify what you need to work on, also help to understand that how you can become an indispensable employee.

Use feedback